Welcome to maeve.be

Welcome to maeve.be . On this site we host several things of me Zeromus and my partner Osaka.

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Finally did some drupal upgrading

It took only about 5 years, but finally got around properly updating this drupal installation.

Also edited a few things while at it. Oh and deleted about 3100 unpublished comments from spambots that have been gathered over this time :p

Not that I'll be using the site a lot again, just wanted to clean it a bit.

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Using this site as development test site now

As the title says

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Re-added some stuff

Updates the system files, re-added the logo and changed the color, that is all ^.^

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Failed update

Seems something went wrong with the update, and the theme fails to work for some reason. Guess it's back to the default theme for now. Man I really need to fix (and use) this site

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Oh my

* Stares at last update time*

Mymy, I really should use this site more often, and actually fix the album ... if only I had time ...

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Temporary removed the galleries

I've temporary deleted the entire gallery until I can find a more suitable module to use for this.

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I accidentally the site

Well, I accidently half the site (well the gallery anyway) !

Seems I'm really making a lot of mistakes lately, altough this one is a little bit more painfull than overwriting one of my HDDs two days ago.
Anyway, because of a backup I was using too much space on the site, and went on deleting, but it seems I deleted more than just de backup files :p

So basically, a lot of the gallary will 404 for the next few days until I re-upload them ^.^

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More pictures

Seems I forgot to add pictures of Disneyland, LEGOLand and Phantasialand.
Fixed that by adding those too ^.^

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All moved

I think I've moved everything now, well all that was moveable anyway.

In the process, I've also upgraded the quality for most of the pictures in the albums to mostly 1600x1200 instead of the 800x600 and 640x480 I was using before. This shouldn't be a issue for most internet connections these days.
If however I wrongfully uploaded a image that was previously requested to be taken down, I'm sorry, please report it to me again, and I'll remove it.

For the rest, Enjoy the new site !


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