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About Osaka

Name : Evelien Thys
Nickname : Osaka, Ivinora/ivi, Mahouko/maho ^^
Birthday : 27 of January 1989

† Likes †
My Friends & Family, Drawing stuff, Music, Movies, Games & MMO's, Going out shopping and last but not least my hubby Zeromus :3 <3

† Dislikes †
Twilight (sorry i just really don't get the hype around this thing),
People who use the word Emo (cause Emo is so 2008),
Console fanboys does it really all matter what somebody has, aslong as the person who has it and it is happy i don't see what's wrong with it :P

† Fav. colours †
Black, Red, Purple, Pink XD

† Fav. country's †
New-Zealand (lotr freak so), japan

† Fav. bands †
These days i'm into everything i can get my hands on from normall pop till heavy stuff, i mainly like The black box revelation and some gossip stuff along the side (no lady gaga though) also soundtracks <3 sometimes they can be better then the movie haha :P

† Fav. games †
Resident evil (but ever since part 4 it has gone down alot T.T), Mario games (:x yes i know i'm a sucker), Bioshock, Katamari, Final Fantasy IX (although i do like em all so), Phoenix Wright and good old Tetris and Kickle Cubicle † Fav. consoles † Nintendo DS, PS2, Nes, Nintendo64 and mainly my pc <3

† Fav. movies †
Lord of the rings, Coraline, Jack Ketchums: The girl next door, Chucky movies, Up, Wall-e, Anastasia (after all those years still this is my top none disney/pixar movie, just the music and animation is <3). † Fav. Voiceactors/actors † Big list Jim cummings (my voiceacting god seriously look up his work you'll like atleast 1 thing he'd done), Jennifer Tilly, Brad Dourif, Edward Norton and the actor lord himself Cristopher lee (seriously who ever doesn't know him or never seen him is living in a cave He's the lord of acting)

† Fav. anime †
Azumanga Daioh, Kamen No Maid Guy, Nana, Hellsing, Clannad, School Days, Jungle Wa Itsumo Hare Nochi Guu, Lucky Star, K-on

† Fav. cartoon character †
Osaka (ofcourse :P), Stewie, Bender, Wall-e, Hello Kitty XD (lol yesyes sadly true :P rofl)

† Fav. artist †
Yoshitaka Amano, Luis Royo, Emperpep, Victoria Frances